Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping at By enrolling in our courses, students agree to adhere to this refund policy.

Non-tangible irrevocable goods ("Digital products")

We do not normally issue refunds for non-tangible irrevocable goods ("digital products") once the order is confirmed and the product is sent.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

Eligibility for Refund:

1. Cancellation Within Stipulated Time: As substantial detail regarding course contents is already available on our website alongwith option to preview course contents and demo classes, any refund request will not be entertained except if made within 24 hours of enrollment, subject to the terms outlined on this page below.   

2. Technical Issues: Refunds will be considered if substantial technical difficulties are preventing you from accessing the course material. The period of 24 hours, as stated in point 1, will not be applicable here. The student will be eligible for a refund if at any time, he/she is unable to access the course due to technical difficulties that our team is unable to resolve within 7 working days of receipt of such complaint and no alternative option for course access is available. If the course is inaccessible due to technical challenges at the student’s end or only a small portion of course is inaccessible due to technical issues, no refund will be applicable.

Processing Charges on Refund: Please note that any refund, if applicable will be subject to processing charges as decided on case to case basis.

Non-Eligibility for Refund:

Change of Mind/Do not want to prepare anymore: Refunds cannot be issued due to a change of mind regarding the preparation of the exam.

Eligibility for the exam: In case the student finds that he/she is ineligible for the exam after subscribing to course material, a refund cannot be issued.

Purchased by mistake: The subscription of our courses is a multi-step process and takes awareness and consciousness at the student’s end to complete the transaction. Purchasing by mistake is not an eligible factor for a refund.

Could not clear exam: The selection of a student in an exam is dependent on many factors, mostly beyond our control. Not clearing the exam is not a valid reason for a refund, no refund can be issued in such cases.

Language of course: The course language is mentioned on the course page on the website, refund cannot be initiated in case there is any sort of language barrier. However, if the language that is being used in the course is different from what was promised, a refund is applicable.

Not satisfied with quality: Refunds cannot be issued if the course doesn't meet personal expectations. Several demo lessons/trial lessons are made available for free on our YouTube channel as well as the course portal which students can go through before subscribing.

Change of Faculty: Refund will not be applicable in case of faculty change for any subject in the course.

Access to Downloadable Materials: If the student has downloaded any part of the course, a refund will not be applicable.

Personal/Financial issues: Refund will not be applicable in case of any personal issue of a financial or non-financial nature.

Course Progress: If a student has progressed significantly within the course, or completed assessments, a refund will not be granted.

Utilization of Live Sessions or Support: If the course includes live sessions, one-on-one support, or any form of personalized assistance that has been utilized by the student, a refund will be ineligible, considering the value-added services provided.

Course available at a lesser price: We run discount offers on our courses from time to time, a product available for Rs X today may be available for Rs Y (less than X) at a future date. Refunds, neither complete nor equivalent to the difference in price, cannot be issued in such cases.

Expired Refund Window: Refund requests made after the stipulated refund period, as mentioned in the policy, will not be considered.

Contact us for any issues:

Everstudy Classes reserves the right to amend or update this refund policy at any time.  If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us:

- By email:
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