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Sat Jun 19, 2021

Locating the Best Book for UGC Net Management

"The nature and pattern of UGC Net Management Examination is is getting more and more dynamic. One static book can longer give you everything you need to ace this examination in first attempt. Cracking the exam means staying ahead of competitors and if they are studying a lot to crack the exam, then you should also be studying it."

You have finally decided that you are going to appear for UGC Net Management Examination. Now, you need to start your preparation to crack this examination. Most vital step of preparation strategy is to delineate the sources from which you should prepare for this examination. 

Before proceeding further, let me sound a note of caution. There is no one best book for UGC Net Management examination. Its the quality of knowledge you acquire and not the number of books you refer for preparation that matter at the end. Instead of hurriedly placing an order for the books on separate subjects you should take a look at the syllabus for the UGC Net Management examination and the nature of questions asked in the previous examinations. This will give you a fair idea about the exam.

Sources to Follow while preparing for UGC Net Management Examination 

You need to follow different sources including books, internet, YouTube etc. to prepare for UGC Net Management Examination. 

#1 – Everstudy Free Snapshot Notes

Everstudy Classes is offering Free Unit Snapshot Notes Course for the aspirants of UGC Net Management Examination. If you are having trouble in deciding “what to cover?” in different units in syllabus, then this course is for you. These notes will give you the initial push you need to kickstart your preparation for UGC Net Management Examination. The notes have designed in a simple, easy to understand pointer format so that don’t miss out any important topic. You will also find FREE MCQs at the end of the each snapshot to test your understanding. Prepare for UGC Net Management.

#2 – Previous Year Papers 

“The Best Source to Prepare for UGC Net Management” Past year papers are one of the most important sources to prepare for UGC Net Management Examination. Past papers not only acquaint you about the nature of the examination but also are a very important source of practice. Such is the importance of past year papers that sometimes questions asked in the past are repeated in the examination. Our Unitwise Previous Year Paper course for UGC Net Management Examination will give you comprehensive coverage of all the past year papers. 

#3 – Graduation & Post Graduation Books 

Now, You should pick up your graduation and post graduation books of the relevant subjects which are there in syllabus of UGC Net Management Examination. Match the topics mentioned in the syllabus with the index of your book and you will find that most of the topics have already been studied by you in your graduation and post graduation books. You just need to brush up your knowledge by revising all those topics in the light of UGC Net Examination. If you are still unable to locate the topics from your old books, then you may go buying new books. 

#4 – Class XI, XII Books 

Class XI, XII books are the basic building blocks of one's academic career. You will find some of the topics of the syllabus particularly with regard to units of UGC Net Management Examination. You may refer the books which you yourself studied during your school days. Alternatively, you may freely download NCERT books online.

#5 – Internet 

Internet is one of the most important source for preparing for Net Management. However, an important challenge in using the internet is the ability to distinguish between the relevant and irrelevant things because there is lots and lots of data on the internet which can make or break you. You can use internet for:

  • Covering those topics in syllabus which are not specifically covered in standard textbooks.
  • Discussing your doubts and engaging in discussion in online forums / groups.
  • You can use YouTube for covering important topics from relevant videos for UGC Net Management. There are some channels out there specially for UGC Net Management students like Everstudy Classes
  • Practice of Computer Based Mock Tests to test yourself on actual UGC Net Pattern.

Cracking the net exam in management is game of smart work, dedication and lots of practice. Success in the examination depends upon several factors like your educational and professional qualification, keen interest in the subject, time devoted towards study etc. Hence, simply getting the study material will not see you through unless you dedicate yourself in their sincere and thorough study !

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