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UP PGT | TGT COMMERCE (Full Course) 2022

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140+ Hrs. of Videos | Downloadable PDF Notes | 4500+ MCQs

  • Detailed Videos on All Topics of Syllabus
  • Topicwise Downloadable PDF Notes 
  • MCQs after every Topic for Practice
  • Solved PGT/TGT Past Papers of UP & Other States
  • 10 Full Length Mock Tests for Practice
  • 100% Complete Coverage
  • Expert Mentorship and Doubt Support
  • Tips and Tricks to ace Examination

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Language: Hinglish (English Content + Hindi Explanation)

Valid Till: 2023-05-31

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Why this course?



Q. What will you get in the course ?

100% complete coverage through Videos, Notes & MCQs.

For Complete List of Topics to be covered in the course, scroll down to the bottom.

Q. What will be the schedule of coverage ? 

  • 50% of Content is already uploaded in the course
  • 75% of Course (Classes & Notes) will be completed by 30 June 2022
  • 100% of Course (Classes & Notes) will be completed by 15 July 2022
  • PGT Past Papers will be uploaded on Regular Basis till 30 June 2022
  • Full Mocks to be uploaded on regular basis by 31 July 2022

Q. How to access course ? 

You may access course on your PC/Laptop after logging into or you may access it on your android phone by downloading our app from google playstore. Currently, we do not support iOS app. 

 Download Everstudy Classes Android App - Click Here

Q. Can I download Videos, Notes and MCQs ? 

Course comprises of mix of downloadable, secured downloadable and non-downloadable content. 

  • Videos and Class PPTs can be viewed online or can be downloaded on the android app for offline access only on the android app. 
  • Notes can be downloaded without any restriction and can be saved by student for future use or for taking printout for revision purpose. 
  • MCQs can only be accessed in online format. 

 We would not be sending any hard-copy of material. We strongly advise that candidates should try to study on online computer based platforms as they have to appear for final exam on computer only. Future generation is techh savvy and if you aspire to teach them, you must be brilliant in this aspect. 

Q. On how many devices can I access the course ? 

You can access the course only on 2 devices i.e. PC/Laptop and Mobile App. 

Q. Is there any limit on video viewing ? 

No, There is no limit. You can watch any video any number of times without any restriction within the validity period. 

Q. What is the validity period of the course ? 

Refer Pricing Section. 

Q. My internet speed is slow. Will I face troubles accessing the course online ? 

If your net speed is slow, we advise you to use our android app for accessing the course. It would optimize your net usage and allow you to download the course contents especially videos so that you do not experience buffering while accessing the course. 

Q. Can I adjust video quality and playback speed for the videos? 

Yes, you will get this facility in our video player. 

Q. Is there any special discount available for us ? 

Discount offers keep on changing from time to time. 

Old students who had enrolled in our full course can get extra discount. For availing discount, please share your details on Please note that the discount offers cannot be clubbed. 

Q. What if I face certain doubts while watching videos / studying notes ? 

We have multiple avenues for resolution of all your doubts:

  • Dedicated discussion forum on our app / webite.
  • Mail -
  • Call/WhatsApp at +91-7988073332  

Q. How to purchase everstudy course ? 

Purchasing everstudy course is similar to buying online on flipkart, amazon etc. 

  1. First sign up and create your free account. 
  2. Then, you need to login, select the course you want to buy, add to cart and make online payment. 
  3. On successful purchase, you will get the course in "My Courses" Section. 

For detailed step by step instructions, follow this link - 

Q. Who will teach me ? 

Everstudy Classes has team of qualified subject experts and dedicated professionals who will be taking classes.

Sumant Sir (Co-Founder) - 100% percentile in UGC Net Commerce June 2019

JRF Qualified, Subject Expert for UGC Net Paper 1, Commerce & Management, Chartered Accountant, UPSC-Commerce Optional Top Scorer.

Jyotsna Mam (Co-Founder)

JRF Qualified in Commerce, CA-Inter, Subject Expert for UGC Net Paper 1, Commerce & Management.

Vishal Sir 

JRF Qualified in Management, Subject Expert for UGC Net Paper 1 & Management.

Dolly Mam

NET Qualified in Management, Subject Expert for UGC Net Paper 1 & Management.

Q. Will I get previous classes also, If I join late ? 

Yes, you will get all the previous lectures also irrespective of date you join till validity of this course. "Better Late than never."  

Complete List of Topics to be Covered as Part of Course:

Financial Accounting:
Basic Concepts of Accounting
Accounting Principles 
Accounting Standards
Principles of Double Entry System
Journal, Ledger & Trial Balance
Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors
Preparation of Final Accounts with Adjustment Entries
Partnership Accounts
Company Accounts
Issue of Shares & Debentures
Forfeiture of Shares & Redemption of Debentures
Accounts of Not for Profit Organizations
Royalty Accounts
Hire-Purchase & Installment System
Misc Topics
Cost Accounting:
Meaning & Purpose of Cost Accounting
Cost Control vs. Reduction
Elements of Cost
Methods of Cost Accounting
Process Costing
Contract Costing
Operating Costing
Tax Accounting:
Basic Concepts & Tax Rates
Residential Staus 
Rapid Revision Video covering all Basic Concepts
Management Accounting:
Meaning, Importance, Scope, Functions & Objectives
Difference between Financial & Management Accounting
Ratio Analysis
Cash Flow Statement
Fund Flow Statement
Marginal Costing & Break Even Analysis
Budgetary Control
Working Capita Management & Inventory Management
Definitions, Objectives, Importance 
Vouching & Vertification
Audit Report
Business Organization:
Trade & Civilization
Meaning & Scope of Business Organizations
Environmental Pollution & Industrial Activities
Functions of Trade
Forms of Business Organization
Advertising & Sales
Domestic Trade & Foreign Trade
Nature & Functions of Management
Different Schools of Management Thought
Contribution of Leading Thinkers:
FW Taylor, Henry Fayol, Elton Mayo
Management as a Profession
Functions: Planning, Staffing, Motivation, Coordination & Controlling
SECTION C: Avanced Economic Theory & Statistical Methods
Advanced Economic Theory:
Nature & Scope of Economics
Business & Economic Relations
Indifference Curve Analysis
Consumption: Marginal & Total Utility, Law of Marginal Utility
Law of Demand & Elasticity of Demand
Factors of Production
Production Laws
Laws of Return
Production Function
Theory of Population
Prime & Supplementary Costs
Average & Marginal Costs
Types of Market
Price Discrimination under Perfect Competition & Monopoly
Theory of Distribution
Theory of Marginal Productivity
Trade Cycle
National Income
Money & Banking:
Defintion, Scope & Functions of Money
Importance of Money in Capitalist & Socialist Economy
Gresham' Law
Quantity theory of money
Changes in value of money
Functions & Types of Banking
Principles of Commercial Banks
Functions of RBI
Statistical Methods:
Collection, Classification & Representation of Data
Statistical Averages
Analysis of Frequency Distribution
Correlation & Regression
Time Series Analysis
Index Numbers
Theoretical Frequency Distribution
Normal, Binomial & Poisson Distribution
Indian Statistics
Agriculture & Industrial Data with Special Reference to Population
Shortcomings of Indian Statistics & Suggestions for Improvement
Business Forecasting: 
Significance for management, analysis & sources
Forecasting Tools
Business Forecasting Principles
Managerial Reports

Package Contents

Accounting | UP PGT & TGT Commerce
Everstudy Classes
Business Organization and Management | UP PGT TGT Commerce
Everstudy Classes
Economics and Statistics | UP PGT TGT Commerce
Everstudy Classes
Question Bank | UP PGT TGT Commerce
Everstudy Classes
Syllabus & Strategy | UP PGT TGT 2022
Everstudy Classes
YouTube Sessions | PGT Commerce
Everstudy Classes

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